Heraeus Heraplast HD

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Alginate impression material for dental use: Regular Set

Ideal combination of strain in compression and recovery from deformation :
• Superior elasticity : no ruptures when removing impression from mouth, less faulty impressions
• Less permanent deformation after removing
• Cast will be perfect copy of mouth
High compressive strength perfect consistency :
• Dentist knows exactly what to expect
• Easy to handle for dentist time after time
Faster water absorption:
• Fast and homogenous mixing
Short setting time in mouth :
• More comfort for patient
• Dentist saves time
Details reproduction better then 50
• Wider range to use alginate
Dust free:
• Dentist works in healthier enviroment

Mixing Time Working TIme Total Setting Time
40 Sec 1 Min 30 Sec 3 Min

Mint Flavour
Packing : 454 G/Bag
Green Colour

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