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Caulk Barricaid® Visible Light-Cure Periodontal Surgical Dressing is an advanced concept in the protection of periodontal surgical sites. This single-component, light-activated periodontal dressing eliminates time-consuming mixing of pastes. Furthermore, Caulk Barricaid® gives the clinician total control over the placement and setting of the periodontal packing material. CUring of the material can be accomplished with a visible light-curing unit to form a non-brittle, but firm, protective elastic covering.
Incremental additions of the material, which bond adherently, can be made in the mouth without any special prior surface preparation. The dressing is tinted pink, is tasteless, and has a translucent character which allows for superior esthetics, as well as site monitoring.


  • Visible light-cured
  • Single component
  • Saves time
  • Tasteless & translucent
  • Available in syringe
  • Superior esthetics
  • Allows direct and indirect placement

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