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Penlase integrates the most state-of-art technology, deliverys 2 watts of continous laser power without any cords, outlets and footswitch. The laser communicates with the controller by a wireless modules. The control software is compatible with windows 7 & XP operation sytem. You can easily install the software to to your PC or an optional 7" Pad are available! 12 commonly used procedures have been programmed._x000D_ You can control the laser with simple one-touch presets, or set your own preferences, the choice is yours!_x000D_ Features:_x000D_ Compact,Pen Style_x000D_ Finger Switch_x000D_ Battery Operated_x000D_ Comprehensive Safety Precaution_x000D_ Full Accessories_x000D_ Ergonomic Design_x000D_ _x000D_ TYPE OF LASER-Diode, AIGaAs/InGaAs_x000D_ PWAVE LENGTH-810nm_x000D_ POWER OUTPUT 0.1~2W_x000D_ AIMING BEAM 650nm/1mW controllable_x000D_ OPERATION MODE CW or Pulsed_x000D_ PULSE WIDTH 0.5ms - 30s_x000D_ DIMENSION (L X D)195mm xdia. 18mm_x000D_ WEIGHT < 200g, with battery_x000D_ RECHARGEABLE BATTERY 3.2 volt Lithium, 600mAh_x000D_ CHARGING STATION DIMENSIONS 125 x 70 x 36 mm_x000D_ WEIGHT < 150g_x000D_ CHARGING PORT S4

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