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GC Fuji I Luting Cement
Designed for the final cementation of crown and bridge res...
Ex Tax: $46.67
 GC Aroma Fine Plus  454g
Based on GC’s extensive knowledge of alginate materials,...
Ex Tax: $9.17
Coe Pak Periodontal Dressing Standard Pkg
Two component material for wound dressing, to cover stitch...
Ex Tax: $39.57
Fuji CEM Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer Luting Cement
GC FujiCEM is the world’s first glass ionomer lutin...
Ex Tax: $100.00
G Cem Self-Adhesive Resin Cement
G-CEM is a self-adhesive, resin cement featuring an advanc...
Ex Tax: $133.33
G-Bond Intro Kit
G-BOND is a new, revolutionary 7th Generation (single com...
Ex Tax: $58.33
G-Bond Self Etching Adhesive
G-BOND is single-component adhesive from GC America that t...
Ex Tax: $63.33
G-CEM Capsule Box of 50
G-CEM is a self-adhesive, resin cement featuring an advanc...
Ex Tax: $133.50
GC Capsule Applier
GC Fuji CAPSULE APPLIER is used with all of GC materials i...
Ex Tax: $23.33
GC Caviton
A temporary filling material for standard cavities and aft...
Ex Tax: $10.62
GC Dry Mouth Gel Asst Pack
GC Dry Mouth Gel is designed to ease the symptoms of dry m...
Ex Tax: $12.50
GC Flexceed Kit
With High Initial Hydrophilicity & Viscosity GC FLEXC...
Ex Tax: $63.33
GC Freegenol 1-1 Pkg
FREEGENOL is a patented, non-eugenol temporary cement. It...
Ex Tax: $37.17
GC Fuji  II
GC Fuji II is a self-cured glass ionomer restorative featu...
Ex Tax: $36.67
GC Fuji 7
GC Fuji VII is the revolutionary glass ionomer sealant an...
Ex Tax: $54.42
GC Fuji II LC mini
The new smaller glass particles allow greater density whic...
Ex Tax: $26.67
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